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Staff List

Please find a list of our current staff below.

Mrs. A. Comerford Executive Headteacher
Mrs. T. Thomas Deputy Head of School and Year 5 Teacher
Mrs. E. Jenkins Assistant Headteacher, SENDCo and Safeguarding Lead
Mrs. T. Cox Year 3 Teacher
Miss. G. Potter Year 3 Teacher
Mrs. C. Walker Year 3 Teacher
Miss. Z. Djemil Year 4 Teacher
Mr. P. Grimwood Year 4 Teacher
Mr. D. Olalere Year 4 Teacher
Miss. R. Priestley Year 5 Teacher
Miss. H. Puckey Year 5 Teacher
Mrs. S. Goode Year 6 Teacher
Miss. H. Gosling Year 6 Teacher
Miss. G. Hanbury Year 6 Teacher
Mrs. V. Scatchard Year 6 Teacher
Miss. F. Hemming Teacher
Mrs. S. Murphy Cover Teacher
Miss. C. Osborne Cover Teacher
Mrs. K-A. Chambers Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Chappell Teaching Assistant and Childcare Club Assistant
Miss. E. Cooper Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Dibble Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. Dowsett Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L. Goswell Teaching Assistant
Miss. D. Green Teaching Assistant
Mrs. R. Nettleton Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L. Page Teaching Assistant and Childcare Club Manager
Mrs. S. Starbuck Teaching Assistant
Mrs. V. Uthayaranjan Teaching Assistant
Mrs. N. Smith Assistant SENDCo
Mrs. R. Brownlow Learning Mentor
Mrs. D. Dammes Pastoral Teaching Assistant
Mrs. C. Tudor Senior School Administrator
Mrs. A-L. Thompson Attendance Officer and School Administrator
Mrs. A. Midgley Business Operations Partner
Mrs. P. Birch Trust Finance Officer
Mr. L. Metcalfe Site Manager
Mrs. M. Brookes Cleaner
Mrs. C. Cooper Cleaner
Mrs. A. Vasteriene Cleaner
Mrs. C. Wainwright Cleaner and Midday Supervisor
Mr. S. Benahmed Systems Manager
Mrs. M. Garforth Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs. N. Allen Midday Supervisor
Mrs. V. Clapton Midday Supervisor
Mrs. G. Garrett Midday Supervisor and Childcare Club Assistant
Mrs. L. Hibbert Midday Supervisor
Mrs. V. Kirton Midday Supervisor
Mrs. A. Haythorn Childcare Club Assistant